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Image for Interview: BT Sport pundit Jermaine Jenas

Interview: BT Sport pundit Jermaine Jenas

Former Spurs star looks ahead to the latter stages of the UEFA Champions League

There's a huge fortnight coming up in the UEFA Champions League as the four remaining English clubs battle it out for a place in the quarter-finals. We talk to BT Sport pundit and former Spurs start Jermaine Jenas to get his thoughts on the Round of 16, second-leg ties

Q: Which of the Premier League teams do you think will still be in the competition come the quarter-finals?
Jermaine Jenas: It’s looking like a tough task for United now, especially with the injury that Pogba has recently sustained. Added to that, Paris have to be viewed as one of the title favourites, so I don’t think United will go through. But I expect all the other English teams to go through. 

Liverpool are in a bit of curious situation against Bayern Munich after the 0-0 draw at Anfield but it may work out better for them, being away from home and Bayern maybe having to open up. At that point it’s a different game for Bayern and they won’t perhaps be as secure in that scenario. But few people would write off Bayern Munich so Liverpool have a big task. City and Spurs, on the other hand, look to be cruising to the quarters. 

There may be some scary moments for Spurs, for example, if they concede an early goal but they really have to get together and settle the ship. Where I’ve got confidence is that I think Spurs will score as Dortmund won’t be able to keep them out all night. Spurs have really got to go for it. Dortmund is one of those special places to play but I think Spurs will have enough experience to handle the pressure. 

Q: Do you think an English team could win the title?
JJ: I do, yes. Going into the competition, the most feared team was Liverpool but the way things have panned out, Liverpool have looked a bit off the pace. City, for some reason, don’t look as formidable in Europe as they do on the domestic stage so I think this all plays into the hands of Tottenham. 

Q: What about non-English contenders? Do you think Juventus are out of it?
JJ: I wouldn’t write off Juventus even facing that 2-0 deficit against Atletico Madrid. Ronaldo walked off that pitch an angry man and he could have one of his momentous performances in the second leg. 

Q: Pubs and clubs are certainly going to be looking forward to some busy nights during the latter stages of the Champions League?
JJ: Definitely. If we get three English teams through to the quarter-finals, the excitement will only increase for pubs and clubs. The one thing you can guarantee is that our teams are going to be coming up against giants and there will be so many permutations flying around, it can’t help but create excitement for the fans and their teams. 

Q: As a former player, is the excitement around the Champions League still there for you?
JJ: As a player I got through to the quarter-finals of the competition but we had absolutely no chance of getting through that tie as we came up against an unbelievable Real Madrid side. But this current Spurs team is in a different space. 

They’ve gone to the Nou Camp and gone toe-to-toe with Barcelona as well as claiming a 1-1 draw with Real at the Bernabeu and getting a 3-1 home win. So they’ve reached the heights in Europe and I feel that European football really suits Spurs. They have a number of quality European players within their ranks and the games are more tactical and less frantic than Premier League ties and I can’t help but get excited at the prospect of Spurs getting through to the quarter-finals and beyond. 

UEFA Champions League Fixtures - Round of 16, 2nd Leg

Tuesday, March 5, 8pm
BT Sport 2/BT Sport 4K UKD
Borussia Dortmund v Tottenham Hotspur

Tuesday, March 5, 8pm
BT Sport 3
Real Madrid v Ajax

Wednesday, March 6, 8pm
BT Sport 2/BT Sport 4K UKD
PSG v Manchester United

Wednesday, March 6, 8pm
BT Sport 3
FC Porto v Roma

Tuesday, March 12, 8pm
BT Sport 3
Juventus v Atletico Madrid

Tuesday, March 12, 8pm
BT Sport 2/BT Sport 4K UKD
Manchester City v Schalke 04

Wednesday, March 13, 8pm
BT Sport 3
Barcelona v Lyon

Wednesday, March 13, 8pm
BT Sport2/BT Sport 4K UKD
Bayern Munich v Liverpool

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