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Image for Hospitality Day in Parliament

Hospitality Day in Parliament

The first UKHospitality (UKH) Hospitality Day in Parliament was held on 9 October to discuss the importance of the industry and its priorities with more than 60 Members of Parliament from across the political parties.

Regional sessions were held during which UKH members put forward the four key policy areas which form the basis of the Aim High campaign launched on the day:

  1. Reduce business rates via a new digital levy.
  2. Create a level-playing field for property-based and online businesses on regulation.
  3. Double the NIC threshold for employers and ensure NLW rates are set independently.
  4. Deliver a Brexit that allows the sector

to meet its workforce needs without extra costs.

UKH members also engaged their local MPs in discussions on local and national issues which currently affect them.

Tourism Minister, Michael Ellis MP, addressed participants at the following reception, speaking on the crucial role hospitality plays in the UK economy and recognising hospitality’s potential to further boost the economy during a time of much uncertainty.

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