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Planning press releases - the power of PR

The number one benefit of having a press release plan in place is that your club is constantly in the news (more or less for free).

This instantly helps raise the profile of the club and also creates the impression that the club is busy with activity. This will be attractive to new members. The other key factor is the good will it creates from the people the press release is about; members, suppliers, sponsors, charities, as they too are benefitting from the free exposure. If you do need to justify your PR efforts to your committee or Board, just keep a press clipping file and do the calculation of the equivalent media value you have achieved/Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE). This is the column inches your press release got multiplied by that publication’s advertising rate for
the same space. Some PR companies will multiply this figure by – for example – 1.5, arguing that the value of third party editorial is greater than a paid for ad. These measurements may not be an exact science, but nevertheless they are a measurement!

90 day Press Release Plan.

One way to get free coverage for your club is to create a 90 day rolling press release plan. First of all create a simple spread sheet or table and create monthly headings. Then review the activity calendar to see what is coming up and schedule into the plan the press release you are going to write. If, for example, you are a sports club manager you can focus your press releases around your key events, then add in other key activities or happenings at your club. You will be surprised what is news worthy!

Include things like forth coming events, event results, new staff appointments, training activities (members and guest like to read that you are investing in people!), new innovations, new purchases charity initiatives – even wild life or the bird count on the club grounds! Once you have your plan then put in place your press release template which should have a heading, place for the key content and ‘boiler plate’ (this is the post amble about your club and a contact person in case editors want more information). The next stage is to create a database of your local, regional and even national media contacts so you have great distribution and then start feeding them releases (and invite them to the club to see you in action). Also – of course – don’t forget to post your press release on social media too.

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