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Hire for passion - train for skills

How many times do you go through the recruitment process only to realise within a week that perhaps you’ve made the wrong choice? Recruiting the right team around you is the key to your success.

“You are only as good as the people you hire,” as Debbie Pern CCM explains below. It doesn’t matter if you are recruiting for Management, Department Heads, Kitchen, Front of House or office, the criteria required in a club environment is quite unique. The most important thing in recruiting club employees? You must see passion in their eyes, a smile on their face, smart body language and a spring in their step. The rest is easy!

The right people will adapt to change, the right people will help attract and retain other ‘right’ people and the right people will make your job a lot easier! So where are the ‘right’ people? Where do you find them? Sometimes they are right in front of you and sometimes you just have to go out and find them.

Advantages of internal recruitment

You can better assess their ability for the job. You know the person and the cost is significantly lower.

Disadvantages of internal recruitment

You have to fill another position down the line. It perhaps doesn’t bring a fresh pair of eyes to the department and can cause unrest among other members of staff who find it hard to suddenly take orders from their peers.

Advantages of external recruitment

It brings new blood and new ideas into the club.

Disadvantages of external recruitment

It’s harder to find a good fit to the club’s culture and management philosophy.

Much of the work in recruiting is done prior to placing any recruitment advertising. This process includes reviewing the position, checking the job analysis, job description and job specifications. Also review the club’s recruiting methods. For example, if you are looking for a younger employee advertise online. That is where they are looking for employment – and start with your own website.

Before the interview ensure you are prepared. Read the CV of the candidate and during the interview ensure the candidate is relaxed. Offer some small talk to start with, then ask open ended questions to allow the candidate to settle into the zone. Tell me about a situation/time? What did you feel/think feel?

Bring back a short list of candidates to a second interview and involve other members of staff. Leave the candidate with the heads of department for half an hour – see how they interact, get feedback from your managers. Finally – remember, hire for passion, train for skills!


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