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Don't drop the ball on waste management

Don’t drop the ball on waste management is the advice. Sound tips on dealing with emergency waste management issues comes from the National Police Chiefs’ Council and the Local Government Association. Plus - the key when it comes to recruitment.

The National Police Chiefs’ Council and the Local Government Association have produced guides for hospitality managers on customer safety and consideration for neighbours. But there has been little advice available on dealing with emergency waste management issues.

Realistic advice on waste management

WasteSafe Services Manager Fergus Healy said: “It is eminently possible that waste will pile up during peak periods and become a health and safety or reputational risk for the business. It is almost impossible to avoid some unplanned waste overspills. “The reality is that pub landlords and hospitality managers are unlikely to have enough space to store additional unscheduled waste correctly. “

However, there are reputable emergency waste management companies that are on call 24 hours a day, even during bank holiday weekends. They will dispose of your waste overspill quickly before it starts causing real problems.”

Five emergency waste management tips for peak periods

1. Complete a proper risk assessment, looking at the volume of waste likely to be generated, and how much of it will be food, glass, or contaminated waste.

2. Realistically look at your bin capacity. Do you need to order more? Do you have space for them? Can you generate free capacity just prior to the weekend by increasing the frequency of collection with your scheduled waste collector?

3. Source a reputable emergency waste carrier and tell them what you are likely to need in advance of planned big events. Have their contact details to hand and make sure the relevant members of staff have them too.

4. Inspect your refrigeration units and make sure they are working properly and have the capacity to cope. Freezer breakdowns are more common in hot weather and during busy periods.

5. Keep a weather eye out for fluctuations in your waste management needs. The changeable British climate is matched only by the fickleness of the British public.

Restaurants, pubs and clubs face major reputational and commercial risks without having robust plans to deal with periods of peak demand. Increased food sales also mean increased food waste. This must be collected quickly before it rots and releases unpleasant odours – especially in warm weather. Regular waste collection services are not always flexible enough to offer an additional collection service for unscheduled waste, especially during a Bank Holiday weekend.

Plan ahead for effective summer waste management It pays to plan ahead and speak to a professional emergency waste collection service in advance. A specialist emergency waste carrier will be able to deal with all waste overspills, over-filled bins, food waste, excess bottles, even contaminated or condemned waste from freezer breakdowns. 

WasteSafe Services provides emergency food waste collection services to a number of national hospitality and waste management companies. It offer a rapid same day response time and helps customers to stay compliant.

t. 0808 133 1330 

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