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SMIRNOFF Infusions launches for Summer serves

Smirnoff has launched Smirnoff Infusions, a 23% ABV spirit drink, infused with real fruit essence and natural ingredients.

Smirnoff Infusions is made with Smirnoff No.21 Vodka, infused with real fruit essence and natural ingredients to produce two delicious flavour variants, Smirnoff Infusions Orange, Grapefruit & Bitters and Smirnoff Infusions Raspberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla.

With an ABV of 23%, the drink is recommended to be served in a wine glass filled with ice, mixed with soda and garnished with raspberries, orange or grapefruit, depending on the flavour, with the finished serve containing 87 calories based on a 50 ml serve of Smirnoff Infusions. 

Available in time for summer, Smirnoff Infusions is ideally suited to lower tempo occasions, with its depth of flavour, refreshing garnish and unique wine glass serve it is likely to prove popular with consumers.

The launch will be supported with a £4.4m above the line campaign which is predicted to reach 97% of the UK population of legal purchase age, across its first year in market.

Commenting on the launch, Sarah Shimmons, Smirnoff Marketing Manager for Europe said: “Smirnoff Infusions is an exciting new addition to our portfolio in Great Britain, and looks to tap into the growing demand from consumers for great tasting drinks with a real depth of flavour.

 “The process sees real fruits infused and distilled individually for the perfect amount of time to allow their natural flavours to be extracted. The resulting Spirit Drink is blended with Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka and crafted at 23% ABV, to ensure the perfect balance of natural and fruity flavours at the heart of the liquid, with good spirit cut-through.”

Smirnoff Infusions is available nationwide now. 


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