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Social Media - Back to Basics

At the start of last year, the UK alone had 39 million social media users, with estimations of this reaching 42 million in the future. Here’s a back to basics look at using social media as an online marketing tool.

As a whole, we like to think of social media as free advertising, and as you build your online presence, your audience becomes bigger and more engaged and it becomes every easier to achieve your goals for the club.

Here are some pointers to highlight what social media can do for you:

• Raise your club’s awareness.
• Drive traffic to your website.
• Communicate with your audience - both new and existing members.
• A place for members to offer reviews and opinions.
• Create a ‘personality’ for the club.

Top tips to make it work for the club:

• Have a social media content plan.
• Engage with your audience; it shows you’re ‘not a robot’!
• Keep your online presence up to date and regular.
• Remember to keep the communications entertaining.
• Add images! Twitter updates with images in them get 150% more retweets than those without
• Engage with other local businesses and/or clubs. It takes two to tango!


Consistency is more important than spreading yourself across a variety of platforms. It’s more beneficial to focus on a couple of platforms, rather than sporadic posting across several. Here are some quick pointers on the main social sites:

Facebook – One of the most popular social media platforms with the biggest user database. Facebook is great for connecting with local organisations and people, as well as enabling you to promote content both organically and through paid ads.

Twitter – A faster-paced platform, with shorter, snappier content. It’s easy to engage with, so connecting and commenting on local businesses is easily done.

Linkedin–The most professional social network, LinkedIn is very business focused. You’re able to add connections, share links, write recommendations and feedback and also search for connections by location, company and industry.

Instagram – A more visual platform, always based on photos and videos. Instagram is a younger targeted audience, and is predominately used on mobile and tablet devices although can be used on desktops, too.

So in summary, social media is now so accessible it’s difficult to avoid it. So it makes sense to use it. Why not? 


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