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Making clubs attractive to young adults

A universal problem for clubs and the licensed sector as a whole is getting millennials and young adults through the doors. Trent Furniture’s Robert Price offers the following advice.

Young adults remain highly sociable, but pressures on saving for housing means that many are more cost-conscious and are increasingly opting for nights in. When they do venture out, this age group is looking for different experiences than what was popular in decades gone by. So just how can clubs work harder at attracting in young adults?

Be unique and create experiences

Research from a white paper entitled The Millennial Hangover found that this demographic cares about quality experiences. The experience a club offers runs through the choice of drinks, food, atmosphere, service and design. For a unique drinks experience, clubs need to evolve, retaining club stalwarts while also broadening the offering with, for example, a range of local, unique craft beers and spirits as well as the conventional selection.

As for the interior, what is your club’s theme? Are you traditional or modern? Don’t get caught in between the two. Your theme should run through your entire décor and offering to create an all encompassing experience. Above all, it’s crucial to create a social space that is welcoming, comfortable and encourages customers to stay for longer periods.

Be photogenic
Over three-quarters of 18-24 year olds have Snapchat and there are over 700 million monthly users of Instagram in the UK. If your décor is unique and attractive, social sites like Snapchat and Instagram are the modern word of mouth. By having an Instagrammable interior, menu or furniture, you’ll benefit from customers posting pictures and real-time reports of their experiences for all of their followers to see. To encourage young adults to share their experience at your club, think unexpected, personal or vintage design elements. By posting an image of your cool interior, you’ll be reaching lots of like-minded individuals, which is why businesses are beginning to become more and more aware of their aesthetics.

Hosting events

The events list will always remain important as clubs well know, so engaging young adults in choosing what to put on is a good idea. The usual lists apply –live music, tribute acts, darts, snooker, quiz nights through to screening big sports events.

Pre-night out

Many clubs are used by young adults as a venue for drinks and socialising before a night out. It’s vital for clubs to tap into and make the most of this market. Make your club the place of choice to go for a social pre-night out experience. Appeal to groups of millennials by offering discounted offers such as beer pitchers and value-formoney drink offers during the timeframe when this age group visits as the first stage of a night out.


Robert Price is Managing Director of Trent Furniture which supplies a range of furniture to clubs, pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants. Established in 1960, Trent Furniture makes and assembles much of its furniture at the company’s Leicestershire factory.

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