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Keeping it clean - the use of white space

The common misconception amongst many website designers, is creating overly busy and complex websites. Pages filled with content with as little white space as possible is the particular common theme. Is this really what users want?

Current trends in website design would suggest that negative space is essential for user experience. Firstly, enough negative space within the design allows the user to easily absorb the content presented on the screen. Secondly, if used correctly it can offer an aesthetically pleasing visual impact.

So negative space, what is it?

It’s often referred to as ‘white space’ and describes the extent of blank space between different elements on a web page. This white space has been deliberately constructed to not display content. (The space doesn’t specifically have to be in a white colour it can be in any colour, of course.)

White space and readability of content -  In order to take users on a journey, the copy needs to be easy to read. For a web designer, making the web page look less cluttered, yet at the same time exciting is crucial.

Sharp content hierarchy -  We tend to find a significant problem amongst UX (user experience) is messy websites with calls to action bombarding users in every direction. If a user doesn’t have a clear pathway to browse around a website, how can you ever direct a user successfully around your website? By introducing negative space, you can clearly differentiate between different elements and establish calls to action that stands out. This approach means that all elements on the web page have a hierarchy, established by their importance which is essential for the user.

Balancing act -  Ensuring a fine balance amongst all the elements of a web page is pivotal for web designers. A website is designed in a unique way that ensures every element on the page gets its due space accordingly. The key to a great website is guiding users towards the parts that will result in a conversion or some sort of action. Therefore, keeping a design simple and well balanced to avoid confusion is the key to good website design.


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