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How you can boost your blogging

At Studio44 we specialise in web design and SEO, so we’ve got a pretty good idea on how to tackle Google’s mammoth search and how to make your presence just that... present.

Creating content in the form of writing a blog on a regular basisis a good start on enhancing your brand reputation, but also improving the general SEOof yoursite.We know our clients often see writing blogs and articles as quite a daunting task, but we’re here to guide you through the process.

Target your audience

Rather than thinking about how you can tackle SEO specifically, think about your audience – what would they be interested in? If you can figure this out, then blog writing becomes easier.We try to break our blog writing down into different services and themes - as an example, SEO, web design, development and social articles. We find a broad mix covers our different audiences, but also keeps our websites SEO plodding along nicely as we cover a range of topics.

Keyword implementation... the right way!

Don’t stuff! We see this time and time again when people overuse keywordsto the pointit doesn’t make sense. Google is pretty clever and if you do this you can be heavily penalised and it doesn’t work in your favour. The best way to go about content optimisation is a balanced approach of keyword sin your content. You should have keywords in the following places as a minimum:

• The body of the blog (of course!)

• The title

• The URL

• The H1 tag

• Meta descriptions

• Any media you use, (pictures videos etc)

Once you get into the habit of correctly listing keywords in a simple, balanced approach, creating your blog style should come easily.

Style and tone

Keeping the style is important and personality in a website is imperative. We try to inject as much personality as possible, especially within our articles. It shows that you connect with and understand your audience. Think about what you’re writing about. Do you want it dense with written content or do you want pictures? What would the audience like to see?


Articles and blogs are the perfect place to promote yourself and your previous content. The hope of this is that users will interact further with your other website content. Furthermore, creating these internal links for Google to crawl will help the search engine to further understand your blog posts and is more likely to increase your rankings.

Keep organised

Lastly, having a content calendar is key. If you can keep tabs on who’s writing content, when it is being uploaded, what the theme is and what the title is, you can help to plan forthe nearfuture, discovering gaps and implementing an ongoing strategy.It doesn’t need to be too fancy. Just simple and to the point.

If you want any more tips and tricks on how to create an ongoing blog and boost your SEO just get in touch!

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