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Club Insure – club insurance specialists

Club Insure aren’t your typical insurance broker. We do things a little differently to everyone else. We were created using a different mould. We were founded for the love of the industry. We love clubs and we want to see them thrive – and we have 20 years of passionate work to prove it.

Since 1998, we’ve been dedicated to keeping the club scene alive and thriving through offering the best possible protection. In fact, we’ve partnered with some of the club industry’s leading associations like the Association of Conservative Clubs, CISWO and the NULSC so that we can stay in the thick of club issues. We’re here to offer protection in more ways than one.

Our history

Club Insure, and our sister company, NDML, were formed in 1998 as Nightclub Direct and Millennium Leisure Ltd. Ironically, our first office was above a bookmakers, which is incredible when our buisness is based on managing sensible risks.

Through office moves and new clients we grew, and in 2013, the Club Insure brand was born. No matter what the name or the branding, the mantra stayed the same. We aimed to make our portfolio within clubs diverse, so that we could offer specific cover. We wanted to make sure that all stones were turned. We made sure that our experience with one club, or sector of clubs, would help us with the rest.

Starting in 2013, we partnered with an association for the first time, CISWO. And soon after that came the Association of Conservative Clubs. Through understanding what their members were worried about, we could evolve our packages to give them peace of mind as well as protection. We also celebrate our club successees with our long term sponsorship of Club Mirror's Club Awards. 

Who we are today

Today, we have over 4,000 clients in different club sectors. We support social clubs, sports club, leisure venues and everything in between. Most important- ly for us, is that our biggest channel for gaining new customers is still word of mouth and testimonials. We must be doing something right.

We’re constantly developing new ways to make life easier for our clients, such as our online portal where customers can see all their documents with a few clicks of their mouse. Contact us via phone, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email...whicever way you prefer to communicate, we're there.

We don't just wax lyrical about our business. We win awards for it. Our in house claims team won at the modern claims awards and the UK claims excellence awards. Club Insure as a whole have won Commercial Broker of the Year and Schemes Broker of the Year.

Our values

Today, we value each and every client as if they were our own business. Every single account and policy is delivered with the upmost care and attention.

Emblazoned on the wall at our head office are the words ‘Treat our customers exceptionally’. They’re the words of our chairman, Justin Romero-Trigo. They’re the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we read before we leave for the night. It’s a motto that drives everything we do.

  • Treating customers exceptionally to us means: Going the extra mile to save them money and get them a better level of cover.
  • Talking to them like a human to ensure they fully understand every process.
  • Maintaining the service level throughout the contract - we're not a sale and bail broker.

What are our plans for the future?

More of the same, but always improving is the name of the game for Club Insure. We know that sounds like an oxymoron but it makes perfect sense in the way we operate. When we say 'more of the same' we mean more the outstanding service we offer to clients every day. When we talk about continual improvement, we know that complacency is as good as moving backwards, and we can only remain the best by making the most of our learnings.


If you want to speak to Club Insure about the tailored protection we can offer your club, call us today on 0844 488 9204.




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