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Club Insurance for the year ahead

If you haven't planned 2019's club's insurance, then now's the time to do it says Club Insure.

After a difficult 2018, where stats showed beer sales growing but the number of pubs and bars tumbling, getting this year right is vital for the future of the club industry.

We know there’s external pressures on clubs that you can’t control. We know that costs are growing and consumer habits are changing. But we also saw during the summer of 2018 that demand for local watering holes has never been greater.

This has to be the year, where clubs get their finances spot on. When bottom lines are healthier and a broken roof tile or customer slip doesn’t put the entire business in jeopardy.

We can’t help you set your beer prices or negotiate with suppliers. But we can make sure that you’re not paying large amounts for unnecessary claims.

For 2019, we want you to commit to a number of insurance based New Year’s resolutions for your clubs. These resolutions should not only keep your policy costs down, but also prevent needless claims.

  1. You will shop around  If your renewal date is coming in 2019, make sure you speak to an insurance expert to make sure you’re getting the best price. The great thing about Club Insure, for instance, is that we have a relationship with all the top UK insurers, so we’re able to get the best prices for the best insurance.
  2. You will make the most of risk management Having a policy isn’t the be all and end all of insurance. You need to make the most of the expertise available to you. If your broker has its own risk management department, like Club Insure does, ask them for advice regularly so that you can ward off claims before they occur.
  3. You will think further ahead Insurance is all about foresight. Insurers use it to anticipate the risk factor. And you should use it to eliminate risks. Think one step ahead. If we’re heading towards flood season, follow weather forecasts and make sure your club has adequate sand bags. If England make it to the RWC quarter finals, anticipate that there could be big nights ahead.
  4. You will educate your staff You can’t leave the insurance responsibilities to one person; everyone must understand their risk management roles and why they’re so important. It’s easier to keep your club claim free if everyone is committed to the same goals.
  5. You will read your policy wording Policy wording is designed to make sure you have a full and proper understanding of your commitments and obligations within your policy. It’s not there to trip you up. If you don’t read the policy wording properly, you could miss key conditions and end up uninsured.
  6. You will think of insurance as more than just a necessity Insurers and brokers would much rather you have no claims. Therefore they try their hardest to set conditions within your policy to keep accidents and incidents to a minimum. Take their advice when it comes to safety and upkeep of equipment; it’s in their best interest to make your venue claim free.

Keep these resolutions and you can spend 2019 focussing on making your club the hub of social life that it deserves to be.


For more information on keeping policy costs low and claims to a minimum, contact Club Insure for a  no-obligation conversation. Tel: 0844 488 9204. Alternatively you can email the company  at

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