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A Word with Club Insure

In any walk of business life, 20 years is a long time. But that’s exactly how long Club Insure have been around, explains the company’s Victoria Romero-Trigo.

Earlier this year, we celebrated 20 years of being there when our customers needed us, and making sure we put them first. The journey hasn’t always been easy – it very rarely is in the insurance game – but we’re delighted that we write this today with thousands of clubs to call clients.

Our company was created in 1998, under the banner of Nightclub Direct & Millennium Leisure; a name which is still used today by our sister brand, although now they’re better known as NDML. Through office moves and hiring of new staff we grew, but it was our focus on understanding the club industry and its members that really allowed us to stabilise and grow roots. Our goal was to partner with industry bodies and schemes so that we were in a position to not only react to issues that were affecting clubs, but be an active part of changing the landscape for the better. We put a big focus on risk management, and part of our longevity has been our ability to predict future risks. But the future isn’t the be all and end all; it’s one thing anticipating risks but you also have to understand claims that have already been. By partnering with the industry bodies and schemes, and through our base of existing clients, we’ve always been able to use our knowledge of one club’s risks to benefit another.

In 2013, we partnered with CISWO, the national charity which delivers community and personal welfare services within mining and former mining communities. In the mining community which has seen such disruption over the last 50 years, we wanted to make sure that the hub of their community, their club, was secure. The partnership with CISWO was soon followed by the ACC (Association of Conservative Clubs), another sector of the industry with proud and long-standing traditions. Again, our purpose was to offer protection to the heart and soul of conservative culture – the clubhouse. Since the ACC, the NULSC and NULC have followed but our mission statement has stayed the same; we offer support and guidance to protect an industry that’s always under pressure of tight bottom lines.

Already in the last few months, we’ve found ourselves writing articles for our website about golf and rugby struggling to attract new members, and advice on how clubs can increase footfall from the local community. In our 20 years as a company, we’ve seen pressure after pressure on clubs, and we know how important it is that clubs feel safe that a claim won’t cripple them. But the other thing that our second-decade celebration has taught us is that we wouldn’t be here without a thriving club industry. We are still here, and going very strong.

Here’s to 20 more years of Club Insure putting people before profit and supporting the club industry. We're sure the industry will change. We’re sure it will evolve. But we know that the support and passion that the readers of this magazine give to their clubs will help them grow stronger.

Club Insure covers all aspects of club insurance. Get in touch today for a free face to face, no obligation quote and conversation. We don’t just talk figures; we discuss how best to protect your business. Contact Victoria Romero-Trigo, Director at: e. t. 0844 488 9204 Club Insure Ltd, Romero House, 8 Airport West, Lancaster Way, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7ZA.

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